Catholic Audio Fundraising Details

Fundraise and Evangelize at the Same Time!


Staring this October, Catholic Audio Publishing is offering a unique and exciting way for your Catholic organization to raise its needed funds while providing for the intellectual and spiritual fulfillment of your community.

The following FAQ's can help you decide if this program would be a good fit for you:

1) How Much Does My Group Receive?

2) How do I know that the products will sell?

3) How does it work?

Fundraising Potential Estimates:

Youth Group

Grade School

High School

The Steps to Producing Your Title

  • 1 Submit online production request
  • 2 Receive quote for each production option
  • 3 Choose your preferred production option
  • 4 Receive demo readings & choose from the narrator of your choice
  • 5 Approve the completed audiobook
  • 6 Files uploaded to digital markets and CD sets available!

A fast and simple process


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