Bookstore Partner Program

Bookstore Partner Program


Open an account with a Catholic Audio Publishing sales representative.  Receive a username and password to log onto our site to place orders and check for new products.

Wholesale Discount

Receive 40% off our already low suggested retail prices.

Buy Back Returns

No need to worry about dead weight. Catholic Audio Publishing will buy back all items that do not sell at 90% of what you paid. That amounts to a 10% re-stocking fee.

Customer Service

Whenever Catholic Audio Publishing comes out with a new set of audiobooks, your sales representative will call to inform you of the new stock and facilitate any orders or returns.

The Steps to Producing Your Title

  • 1 Submit online production request
  • 2 Receive quote for each production option
  • 3 Choose your preferred production option
  • 4 Receive demo readings & choose from the narrator of your choice
  • 5 Approve the completed audiobook
  • 6 Files uploaded to digital markets and CD sets available!

A fast and simple process


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